Made in under a week for Brackey's Game Jam 2020.2

All assets except for the final boss theme (CC0) were created from scratch, all, save a few music tracks, within the time frame.

I chose to interpret the theme "Rewind" in a more literal sense, with the player equipped with a special bow and a spool of string. By shooting arrows loaded with string, the player can 'rewind' the spool of string, dragging the arrow back towards themselves. This allows the player to be able to pull objects towards them, or use their bow as a grappling hook, all by 'rewinding' the string attached to the arrow. The player can also combat enemies by pulling objects to fall on top of enemies, or simply yanking/dragging objects into hostiles.

The game has several puzzles and three boss battles, all with unique mechanics.

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
GenrePlatformer, Action, Puzzle
Made withUnity
TagsPixel Art


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noice, maybe change controls like right click instead of S

This is incredibly creative! You finished just below me in the jam! How this didn't finish in top 10, and how you actually finished a game that looks and plays this good is beyond me. The art is beautiful, and the mechanic is very well done, I though about rewinding string actually, but ended up not doing it :P. The only things I would change, is the fact that I move slower in the air than on the ground, it made jumping feel awkward, (not saying that it sucks) but check out this video on how to polish up the movement a little more

Next, the buttons in the background kind of blend in with it, which is good so that they don't look strange, but it took me a minute to see them, so maybe make them stand out more. And finally, I didn't like using F and S for the rope, it felt awkward for my fingers, maybe S is fine, but maybe use E or something, or let the player change it manually.

Great job with this!

Hey thanks so much : ) Ha, Imagine if we had submitted the same idea! I definitely need to work on my character controllers for platformers, and that video is sure to be useful. For sure a lot of the systems needed more polish and I couldn't decide on the controls, and it ended up in a mess.

Again, thank you so much !

:) Thanks for making a great game

:ooooo you were in the brackeys videooooo

I just saw! Super cool :o

yesss congrats

this is the best game of the game jam i played


this is really good

Thank you for playing!